Local soccer players dribble past Valentine moments

Siboniso Ngcobo

#loveliveshere. Tomorrow a lot will happen to many love birds.

Romantic days and nights, special gifts, blind dates set up by friends, movies dates, spending a lot on presents, breakfast in bed, dinner in upmarket eateries, flowers and chocolates, and sweet moments are just some of the typical things associated with Valentine’s Day.

It will also translate on to social media.

The question is, will footy players get a chance to spend Valentine’s Day with their girlfriends or families? It is again that time of the year when happy hearts celebrate this special day for lucky ones. But what will happen to the unlucky ones?

We asked Gugulethu-based Ikapa Sporting players, who have a scheduled match at NY49 stadium in Gugs about their ideal Valentine’s Day date and here are their answers.

Sibusiso Ngcobo. “Unfortunately we will be playing so I will have to switch on the match.

If it was Mother’s Day, it would have been different. This day (Valentine) is a day of exchanging gifts. Now that I am far from home I will only send a message to the one I love.”

Lulalama Maqoko laughed off questions about Valentine’s Day. Like Ngcobo, he said it would be difficult to celebrate when there is a match coming up.

“We will be playing an important match so it means all the focus is taken by the match. I will see after the game. But Happy Valentine’s Day to all those who will have time to go out.”

Young Avela Sidali was not even sure what Valentine’s Day is. But the young man is looking forward to next year’s celebration of love.

“Not this year. My focus is school and football,” he told Vukani.

A man who did not mince his words on the issue is Mbulelo Mbali. The Ikapa goalkeeper does not believe in Valentine’s Day. “Ever since I researched the day and found out about it, I do not believe in it.

“I do not celebrate it even if I was not playing. It is good for those who believe in it.

All the best to them. I just hope that they’ll be able to do whatever their plans are for this day,” he said.