Litha Primary gets helping hand on Mandela Day

Aspen Pharmacares chief executive office, André van der Walt on the right, handing over a cheque to principal Sedick du Toit.

Pupils at Litha Primary School in Gugulethu will no longer sit on broken chairs after the school recently received a donation of school furniture valued at more than R250 000.

The school received 400 chairs for their children and a fence was installed around the sport field thanks to Aspen Pharmacare Fine Chemicals Corporation that decided to honour the memory of Nelson Mandela by devoting 67 minutes to providing help at the school.

In the past, the more than 400 pupils at the school either had to sit on broken chairs or on the floor. According to the school principal Sedick du Toit, this hampered the children’s ability to focus on their lessons.

It was a suggestion by former pupil Edwina Jacobs that prompted the company to step in and help the school. “I am blown away. When I heard the news, I was almost in tears. What we received is going to impact positively on our children’s education. It will change the whole school. This company has made a great difference at the school. To see a little child sitting on a broken chair is such bad thing. I am now over the moon because that will no longer happen,” said Mr Du Toit.

He said he had been applying for furniture and asking for sponsors for a long time and appealed to the company to extend their helping hand to other township schools as well.

“We are all the same no matter what. The school in Gugulethu should get assistance like the one in the suburbs.”

He added that schools in the townships should produce quality education so that parents didn’t feel like they had to send their children to schools outside of the area.

“We can achieve this with the help of the government and corporates. We must improve our children’s education. Through this donation we will make more change,” he said.

He was also excited, he said, that the sport field, which had been used as a dumping ground, would be fenced off.

“Our children had to play in a small space during interval but now they will play freely in an open space. This is will open them up,” he said. Aspen Pharmacare’s chief executive officer, André van der Walt advised the pupils to study hard and to make their career choices carefully.

“The future is the children. We are very privileged to have done something at the school. We hope the little that we donated will make a change in their lives,” he said.

He thanked his staff for making it possible for his company to make a donation to the school.