Light at the end of the tunnel for Zusiphe

Gugulethu’s Zusiphe Mantana is frustrated at sitting at home while she has a Grade 12 certificate.

A Gugulethu woman who has been struggling to find work for many years thought a mistake on her matric certificate would forever hamper her ability to find work, but the education department says the error can be easily corrected.

Zusiphe Mantana, 30, explained to Vukani that her birth date on her matric certificate differed from that on her legal identity document and that she had visited the offices of the education department a number of times to try to get it corrected.

“It is heartbreaking and stressful. I just want a job but I can’t get employment in this crisis. I am rejected everywhere and I have given up hope of ever fixing this or getting a job.

“At some point I thought of just going back to school and rewriting my Grade 12. I am desperate to get work. What frustrates me more is that I have a certificate that does not work for me.

“I have applied and made affidavits but it does not work,” she said.

However, according to Department of Education spokesperson, Bronagh Hammond, there is hope for Ms Mantana.

All she has to do is to complete a re-issue application, and return it along with a certified copy of her ID, an affidavit indicating that the date of birth reflected on her National Senior Certificate is incorrect and that she is requesting it to be corrected.

Ms Hammond said the proof of payment and her original certificate had to be returned too.

“The WCED has written to Ms Mantana asking that she request a re-issue of her certificate with her corrected date of birth.

“Even though her ID reflects that it was issued prior to her Grade 12 registration, her ID number was not used for her registration. We have also advised that she set up an appointment with our Exam Directorate should she wish to discuss it further,” she said.