Let’s behave during the festive season

As we are fully into the festive season I would like to thank you for allowing me in your private spaces by reading my opinion pieces. At the same time though I want to urge each and everyone of you to behave this festive season. Whatever we do, we need to think ahead – January and its problems will be here soon.

Those who are lucky and got a 13th check or bonus, it is not for me to tell you how to spend it but I I will say it anyway: Spend it wisely. Let me put upfront that utywala budala.

Let’s keep the meaning of this time as good as it should be. Remember this is a time of caring, giving and love. So let us thirst for God, love, happiness rather than hate and alcohol. It is also time to have fun and more fun. As we are having the fun we so deserve, let us remember that we still have more years to enjoy ourselves. Please do not stock up more alcohol than food.

Those who will be going out of Cape Town, you know our reputation from back home. Represent the province with humility and respect. The “eKapa senza so, eKapa asiqhelanga le” should not apply anywhere you go. Stop this egoistic and know-it-all attitudebecause usuka eKapa. Ngeloxesha you were virtually nothing eKapa, a nonentity.

Capetonians are known as drunkards.

I take that as an assumption that went wrong. For us to be safe from such assumptions, we need to not try to impress by buying the expensive whiskeys and other booze. Year in year out, I experience this in my little dorpie, eKomani, where people are stocking up more alcohol that you would swear they will use it to bath. This is a small town catering for many rural parts and yet booze rule in it.

I hope we will not experience more trauma and stress because of our misbehaving. My other hope is that we will not take fun too far. Again, who am I to tell you about your driving, but let us be extra cautious on the roads. If you speed, know that you do so at your own risk but your driving should not negatively impact on others. It will be a massive boost to hear from each and everyone of you in January.

Your valuable contribution not only to the province’s economy but to the entire country is more needed than before. Here is the programme for 2019 – let us be more responsible and build the economy of this country. We will be generously donating to the have-nots. We will live a healthy lifestyle by exercising, eating healthy and drinking more water. We will be more involved in the sport of our children rather than binging out on weekends.

May God ignite our houses with love, happiness and fun this festive season.

May those overflow. I pray that many of you remain in the presence of God. It is tough out there. Let the festive season rain love and peace on us all.