Leaking communal tap and uncollected rubbish irks residents

Resident Khayakazi Ngubelanga and Sinethemba Xatalaza show Vukani the dirty overflowing water.

Residents are concerned about uncollected rubbish and a leaking communal tap at Sithandathu Street in Nyanga which has been dripping for the past two weeks, resulting in dirty water flowing in the streets.

While some residents accuse the City of not responding to their complaints, others say the residents themselves need to take some responsibility and look after the communal taps.

Resident Khayakazi Ngubelanga said for the past 17 years she had lived in the area, they had been subjected to similar conditions.

She said the streets were always full of muddy water, the area had become a filthy place and they feared for the health of particularly their children.

Ms Ngubelanga said the communal taps had been installed by the City some time last year, but there were no drains for the run-off.

“Our ward councillor and community leaders are very much aware of this issue. I fear for my children’s health.

“Honestly, this is a health hazard. We can’t live like this. We deserve to live in a clean place just like everyone else,” she said.

Another resident Andile Guma said he no long kept track of the dripping water from the communal tap.

“While he felt residents were also to blame for the leaking tap as they did not look after them, he also urged the City to respond to their challenges so that they area stopped looking like a dump.

He said he had lived in the area since 1986 and that over the years, the situation had become worse.

Another resident Sinethemba Xatalaza said he had volunteered many times to spruce up the area since no one from the government seemed to be bothered by their situation.

When Vukani brought the matter to the attention of the City, they responded that residents are asked to raise their concerns with the City “to enable us to attend to the problems in their area”.The City said its teams would be looking into the complaints before responding further.