Lawyer’s stuff stolen

Ndikho Fani with the Pilot case that was stolen from his car.

Ndikho Fani, Claremont

I write this with a heavy heart.

On the afternoon of Monday September 30, out of my parked vehicle in Voortrekker Road in Bellville, items of sentimental value and worth were stolen.

Among the items stolen were a Dell laptop and bag, graduation photos, Right of Appearance Certificate, my daughter Kuhle ‘s Grade 6 report, some very important and personal documents and my Pilot case received as a birthday gift from my director and colleagues.

It is this Pilot case that prompted me to write this post as it is generally used by legal practitioners.

My concern is that it is most likely going to be sold to or bought by a legal practitioner and this raises very serious ethical issues, namely that a legal practitioner who buys and or receives stolen property is guilty of an offence. “A legal practitioner must avoid all conduct, which if known, could damage his or her reputation as an honourable lawyer and honourable citizen”… Lewis Golden Rule (Legal Ethics Pg 8)

Therefore a legal practitioner (attorney or advocate) who has bought or will be buying my stolen Pilot case and other personal belongings is not a fit and proper person to practice law and does not deserve to be on the roll of advocates and attorneys.

In the same vein, a candidate legal practitioner or candidate attorney who has bought or will be buying my stolen Pilot case will be defrauding the High Court of South Africa when he or she takes an oath of office on admission to the legal profession. Receiving stolen property is unbecoming of a fit and proper legal practitioner.

The moral of the story: Do not buy my stolen Pilot case and my other stolen property.

Please if you come across any of my graduation photos… Dell laptop… Kuhle’s Grade 6 report etc please call 071 105 5838