Large-scale land grabs

Siya Hesh, Khayelitsha

Lines that have been blurred for some are finally starting to become clear.

I’m not sure why we’ve been this naive for so long even after (the land grabs) happened e Settlers many years ago, yenzeka e111 now ise Khulani Park, Graceland/Ekuphumleni.

I’m sorry to those who bought properties in the township paying a bond, while your next door neighbour is not even employed, let alone understanding the value of your property.

A few weeks ago I watched how Hazeldean had found itself encapsulated in this unpleasant situation (where people just build shacks anywhere). People have learned to live in these integrated communities. I’m not sure how to feel, but I do think, sooner, we will have to create bubbles in the form of gated communities in the townships, paying high rates and taxes just to keep away from this mess as long as we still can’t afford to move out.