Langa police officers conduct crime awareness campaign

Langa member of community policing froum hands a pamphlet to resident during a crime awareness campaign on Friday

With the festive season fast approaching and escalating incidents of gender-based violence which have gripped the country over the past few months, Langa police officers embarked on a crime awareness campaign.

During last Friday’s campaign they worked with members of neighbourhood watch and residents, targeting strategic areas in Langa, particularly those close to the taxi rank. They distributed pamphlets and explained to residents where and how to report crime.

The officers said spaza shops and other small businesses operating in the area of Langa were facing extortion from criminals, highlighting that extortion seemed to be a new trend, with incidents on the increase.

Langa police station spokesperson Captain Nondumiso Paul, said they realised that they needed to embark on this campaign so that they could interact with the residents and reassure them that they are there to protect and serve them.

She said during the festive season, crime often increased so they wanted to caution and empower the residents with critical information about how to keep themselves safe.

With incidents of gender-based violence also on the rise, she said it was important that they raised awareness about it.

“We want to assure the residents of Langa that we are not sleeping on the war of ending crime in this community. We are also urging the residents that they can report crime and be anonymous and we will deal with it,” she said.

“We are on a mission of making our streets safe for our community but we can only do that if the community stands with us.

“We are distributing these pamphlets so that our people can be aware of what to do when criminal activities do happen or when they are lives are in danger,” she said.

Resident Nangamos Thutsheni applauded the initiative, adding that it was important that there was increased police visibility in the area. She also pleaded with police to respond quicker when called.

Langa Community Policing Fourm chairperson, Sindile Moya, said the awareness drive also focused on visibility of the officers and foot patrols.

Langa police officers conducted their crime prevention awareness campaign around areas close to the taxi rank.