Langa patrollers thwart Voortrekker Road robbery

The man after he was reunited with his bike. Picture: Supplied

Members of a Langa Safety Patrol (LSP) watch apprehended two suspected muggers in Vootrekker Road on Thursday February 6.

According to the LSP, they came to the rescue of a man who was being robbed by two muggers in Voortrekker Road. 

LSP chairman Bandile Gcuwa said they had just left a meeting of Western Cape neighbourhood watches in Goodwood when they spotted two young men tussling with a man on a bicycle.

“These young men were attacking this other guy with a knife, and we immediately stopped our car and pursued and caught them,” he said.

Goodwood police spokesman Captain Waynne Theunis confirmed the incident.

“We thank members of LSP because their vigilance led to the arrest of the two suspects.”

The suspects, aged 18, will appear at Goodwood Magistrate Court on Monday February 24.