Langa family looks for answers about murder

Nompulu Booi and her daughter, Noluvuyo, go through the pictures on Unathi's cellphone.

The family of Unathi Madotyeni is hoping to get answers when the man arrested in connection with her murder appears in court soon.

The man was arrested on Thursday June 1, for allegedly killing the 33-year-old, on Monday May 29 (“Gruesome murder rocks Langa”, Vukani, June 1).

Residents discovered the bloodied body of Ms Madotyeni hidden behind the meat stalls.

It was severely bruised and her eyes had allegedly been gouged out.

Grieving family members said they were relieved that someone had been arrested. But they now want to hear the reasons for the killing. “The way her body was, you would bet the person who killed her had a lot of anger against her,” said her cousin Noluvuyo Booi.

“Yet Unathi had no enemies. She was a sweet child.”

Ms Booi said Ms Madotyeni had left on Sunday afternoon without saying where she was going. She said despite frequently going out with friends, she always returned home.

“It was strange when she did not come back. She always ate supper at home,” said Ms Booi.

She said she reluctantly went to sleep. “At night I heard some screams, but when I went to open the door she was not there. I was not sure if I was dreaming or I was hearing the real thing,” said Ms Booi.

In the morning she went to work as usual, but her day was cut short when she received a call informing her that Ms Madotyeni’s body had been found.

When she got home, Ms Booi said the body had already been positively identified by the family.

Another cousin, Phelokazi Booi said she identified the body through the clothes.

“The area was already cordoned off by the police. He face was covered in blood. It was impossible to identify her face,” she said.

Langa police spokesperson Captain Nondumiso Paul said the suspect was arrested on Thursday June 1. He appeared in court on Monday and has been remanded in custody until his next court appearance.