Langa church leaders pray for an end to crime

While many people across the country commemorated Human Rights Day on Monday March 21, Langa police station’s management, along with community and church leaders used their time to pray for an end to the violence in their community.

Those who attended the gathering walked from the police station to Isilimela High School where a mass prayer meeting was held, following the singing of religious songs.

Provincial Spiritual Crime Prevention chairperson, Peter Basson, said the aim was to call on God as a community and to have peace prevail.

Mr Basson said they were not tackling any institution or person but rather, seeking God’s intervention as the country battles high crime rates.

He said the community needed to stand together and that prayer was the only action that had the power to unite every community.

“A community that prays together stands together. While the police are fighting with criminals, we are fighting with the evil spirits that propels people to commit crime,” he said. “We want to see change in our communities.”

Langa police station’s communications officer, Captain Nondumiso Paul, said the aim was to call on God to be with them as they serve and protect the community of Langa.

Captain Paul also encouraged all churches and other faith-based organisations to unite with police in the fight against crime.

“We want to let the community that police officers care about them. Prayer is powerful. We are hoping that this would make their job much easier,” she said.

Langa community police forum chairperson, Alfred Magwaca, said they need God’s intervention in the fight against crime.

Langa community policing forum chairperson, Alfred Magwaca, said he was pleased that a mass prayer meeting had been held and that police officers as well as residents need the spiritual guidance of God to protect and make their communities safer.