KTC residents protest for job opportunities

The South African National Civic Organisation chairperson in KTC, Lumkile Msila, is happy that sanity prevailed in the area.

KTC residents held a demonstration outside the South African National Civic Organisation (SANCO) offices last Thursday, demanding that locals be considered for jobs.

The residents from Section 4 in the area blocked roads with rubbish, stopped some workers in the area and burnt rubbish next to the KTC Community Hall. They also demanded that Sanco chairperson Lumkile Msila step down.

The protesters claim that Sanco members brought in family and friends to work as refuse cleaners in the area and were furious when they were not considered and prioritised for jobs. They also questioned who was deciding which residents were being relocated to Forest Hill.

Section 4 committee member Nololwabo Lobi said they would be meeting with Sanco and other stakeholders and expected to have some kind of resolution or way forward today, Thursday September 19.

“We wanted the Sanco chairperson to tell us why our people were not employed. What we noticed was that people employed are friends and family members of those who lead. Our people are not benefiting here which is wrong. The second problem is that of housing and development in the area. We are also want our people to get proper houses and be relocated to Forest Hill too,” she said. Forest Hill is situated nearby Mfuleni

Responding to the protesters’ claims, Mr Msila denied having friends and family members working in any of the projects in KTC but conceded that there should be an interview and verification process. “We should be sending names to the company that is working here after the interviews. But people need to be clear that I have no family members or friends working here. If they really believe that, I would be happy if they can point them out,” he said.

He said it was a pity that when people were unhappy they resorted to destroying the infrastructure they had rather than attempting to discuss matters and get answers.