Kitchen equipment stolen

Member of the club, Kholiwe Makosa, said they had no idea how they would get back the things that had been stolen from them.

The members of Browns Farm Senior Citizens Club have made an impassioned plea to the public to assist them after criminals stole their kitchen equipment and other valuables in the early morning of Sunday January 27.

The club was started more than 10 years ago and has close to 20 members.

Members converted two shipping containers into their clubhouse which is situated in the yard of the Ward 80 municipal offices.

When the members found out about the break-in-a day after it had happened-they found that criminals had gained entry by breaking the safety gate and door. But before that, the intruders had broken through the Vibracrete wall around the premises.

Club member Kholiwe Makosa, said their kitchen contained fridges, cooking stoves, pots and all other equipment which had been donated to them.

She described the incident as horrific and senseless, sayings now they were unable to cook for the members or store their food.

She appealed to the public not to buy any of the things that had been taken from them. “We have no idea how to move on after this.

“Every time I think about this, I get a headache,” she said.

Ward councillor Nkululeko Mgolombane said he was aware of the incident and had visited the club.

He said the main problem was that there was no security to monitor the premises.

He added that he had been talking to various people who might be able to help the club replace the stolen items.