Khayelitsha gears up for Eyodumo food festival

The organisers of Khayelitsha Eyodumo Festival met for dress rehearsal at the venue.

Khayelitsha’s first food festival will take place on Saturday at the Khayelitsha Cricket Oval on November 2.

Khayelitsha Eyodumo Fest organiser, Scara Ginini, said the event is a platform for food, clothing and arts businesses to showcase their offerings.

“This will cater for family; kids are welcome and adults have their fair share of fun in an enclosed venue.

“We are for the locals for local support, we opted for local entertainment line up to. Invest
in their brands from photoshoots, open meeting to hear their views and arrange a platform to entertain the masses,” he said.

“This is to help the economy and create permanent jobs. This is an open event to show
the growth of food business
from amagwinya pitstops
to kitchen eateries, to lifestyle venues, fashion and a chance
to collaborate to get best results.

“We are an innovative generation. We are still learning how to use that skill and hopefully through collaboration we will master the art of collaborative group work.”

Khayelitsha Eyodumo Festival is for the locals and we have a great event to show off our township’s diversity.

Ticket prices range from R120 to R150; R50 for children aged 13 to 17 years old and free for those younger than 13.