Khayelitsha authors launch books to inspire others

Khayelitsha authors Xola Dekeda and Zamangwane Thabethe launched their books two weeks ago.

Two Khayelitsha-based authors launched their books recently.

Xola Dekeda launched his second book, Word Became Flesh while Zamangwane Thabethe launched an account of her personal journey, titled Finding my Passion, God’s Purpose For My life.

Mr Dekeda, who previously published Understanding the Teachings of Christ, described his work as “the simplicity of God’s word” and said he wrote his latest book to tell people why Jesus came to earth.

“My book is about Jesus coming to us with a mission. It proves that his missions on earth were morals, peace, love and forgiveness. We have seen how the churches behave of late and the cries about the current pastors.

“Jesus has never done such immoralities we are experiencing. We have lost the fundamentals. We have lost what the Bible taught us” he told Vukani.

He said writing should be encouraged to all as a pillar of strength. He said the notion that black people do not read is not true.

“I think we need more black authors to write for our people. When I write I simplify everything – grammar and the wording. That encourages people to read and understand. There is no use in reading something with big words that one does not understand. If we continue writing in simple terms, people will read,” he said.

In Ms Thabethe’s book, she describes how she started her businesses, and gives advice on how to build the business .

The books were launched in front of the Holy Trinity Ministries International.