‘Keep on hustling,’ says Kwess Junior

Bongani Avuyile Kokwe known as Kwess Junior

Khayelitsha hip hop singer Bongani Avuyile Kokwe, or Kwess Junior as he is known in the music business, has released a new single, Uvalo.

The softly spoken yet eloquent 25 -year-old, who is originally from East London, says the song is about the importance of hustling, not giving up, and tackling life’s challenges head-on.

He says he has poured his heart into Uvalo and he hopes it will inspire a go-getter spirit in young and old.

“This song is aimed at urging people to be resilient in their quest to success and must look at life from a different perspective,” he says.

“The song hopes to empower my peers to never be swallowed by crime. In this, I encourage people to keep on hustling and never allow hunger to force them to do wrong things.”

He has released dozens of songs, he says, but believes this is one of his best yet.

He was 11, he says, when he found his passion for music, although his mother was not as enthusiastic about it and told him his education must take priority.

Kwess is in his final year of an IT course at False Bay Colleges and says he knows he has to continue focusing on his studies while pursuing his dreams of becoming a famous artist.

He says he has worked with the likes of Bravo, Ifani and Driemanskap and he feels those experiences have helped him grow as an artist.

He is currently working on releasing an EP, featuring Ifani, and hopes to cement his name in the music industry.