KC unleashes his debut gospel single

Khayalethu aka KC Twalo has released his debut gospel single, Moya Wa Modimo Ke Bophelo.

After years of working in the gospel industry as a music promoter and events organiser, Khayalethu aka KC Twalo has recently released his debut song titled Moya Wa Modimo Ke Bophelo.

The bubbly artist says a lot has happened over the last two years where people lost their jobs, homes and family members due to Covid 19 and the song aims to motivate them and help revive their faith.

He says when he wrote the song he wanted to inspire people to dream again and not to lose hope because of what has happened.

He says his song will encourage listeners to face up to their daily challenges and realise there is a higher power.

“In this song I stress the fact that the days are short and full of misery and when one goes to sleep there is definitely no certainty that one will wake up in the morning.

“But through the grace of God we wake up each day and the reasons why we are still alive after Covid it is because of that grace.

“Sometimes when one is faced with endless sadness and challenges we end up doubting the existence of God but in this song I want to remind everyone that God is life.

“Sometimes when challenges are thrown at us we think it’s the end of the world not knowing that God will never send challenges which are way beyond our strengths and abilities.

“I emphasise that God is always with us and we are protected by him.”

Talking about his musical journey, KC started singing in 2006 when he joined a local choir in Gugulethu.

He then started backing up well established artists such as Kanyisa, Mxolisi Mbethe and others when they had shows in Cape Town.

He said this developed his love of singing and worshipping God more but at the time he did feel that he was ready to release any projects.

He also grabbed the opportunity to learn about hosting events and promoting artists.

As a result, he established his own company, Righteous Holdings which promotes artists, hosts events and provides video and photography services.

He never really thought that he would release his own projects but this year he felt that it was the right time to step onto a stage as a solo artist and show the world what God has blessed him with.

He said he found solace in the gospel ministry and hopes others will find the same in his songs. Talking about challenges, he says funding remains the main challenge facing upcoming artists like him and sometimes lack of support from his own community.

However, he plans to release a full-length album, which would be recorded live towards the end of the year if not then early beginning of next year.