Job opportunities top the agenda for first-time voters

Asenathi Fanishe, 19, Endlovini

Young people are yearning for job opportunities and are calling the government to create sustainable skills empowerment programmes to equip them to be entrepreneurs.

These are some of the views of young first-time voters who spoke to Vukani when we visited voting stations IN Khayelitsha on Monday November 1.

As South Africans voted for their local government representatives, young people argued that government had failed to create opportunities for young people and that they had lost faith in government.

Asenathi Fanishe, 19, from Endlovini, said she was excited to excise her right to vote for the first time and hoped her vote would bring change in her community.

Ms Fanishe said young people were frustrated because they were unemployed and many felt they had no other option but to turn to crime.

She said her community was faced with poor living conditions and she hoped the incoming ward councillor would put the people’s interest above all else.

“I voted because I wanted to have a leg to stand on when I complain about poor service delivery. I voted because I want to see my vote make a change for me.

“I voted because I want to put a responsibility to whoever that is going to lead us in this ward.

“I hope the incoming government and ward councillor would ensure that young people are empowered with skills so that they could be employable and job makers.

“I voted for change and I hope to see that change happening,” she said.

Makhaya Zumani, 23, Endlovini

Makhaya Zumani, 23, from Endlovini, who voted for the time as well, said he voted because he wanted to see his the living conditions in his area improved.

He said young people were unemployed even though some of them were graduates.He also noted that it had been years since residents were promised houses and better service delivery and yet nothing had been done.

He hoped that his vote would bring about change and pleaded with the incoming ward councillor to have youth summits where young people could raise their concerns and find solutions to them together.

Noloyiso Kopman, 23, Site C

Noloyiso Kopman, 23, from Site C, said she was excited to vote for the first time and that she had voted for the party whose manifesto was realistic and spoke to the needs in her community.

She said one of the key things she wanted her ward councillor to do was to speed up service delivery while ensuring that young people were getting opportunities.