It’s a joint fight

Cebo Tshogo, Kuyasa

The horse has bolted. The virus has landed on our country’s shores.

From what I have gathered in the media, so far, it hasn’t come from China and it certainly hasn’t been brought to our shores via the repatriation programme of the government.

All of our compatriots who are infected have returned from other parts of the world, notably Europe.

And very importantly, they have walked through the gates of our airports freely and without any hindrances.

Many more people are walking through those gates undetected as we speak. So if you must freak out and be paranoid, it must not be against the beneficiaries of the government repatriation programme.

Those folks are not infected. Thanks to the no-nonsense and military-style control measures in China, they were isolated (note I didn’t say self isolated) and their freedom of movement completely curtailed. They have all been tested several times and have all tested negative to the virus.

The programme is merely a double safety measure.

That’s it. If you must take some action, please go to all airports and border gates, launch your protests there and make sure that no one from anywhere in the world gains access to our country.

At this stage, our government has demonstrated a weakness in that area. It needs your help. Please don’t tackle the government when and where it is excelling.

We need it to extend its positive work to the thousand areas where it is failing dismally.