Islamic organisation helps the needy

Shaykh Yaseen Katona, from Driftsands Islamic Dawah organisation and facility manager, David Mpinza hand over a toiletries and blankets to patient, Vuyiswa Zeni.

The Driftsands Islamic Dawah organisation extended a helping hand to more than 200 patients at Site B community health centre when they handed over toiletries and blankets on Tuesday June 18.

The organisation was established in 2017 to provide assistance to the community of Driftsands. However, recently it
has started reaching out to other communities in Khayelitsha as well.

They told Vukani that every day they feed more than 200 residents in Driftsands. Shaykh Yaseen Katona, said the holy month of Ramadaan, which recently concluded with the celebration of Eid-ul-Fitr, reminded them that they should never forget about those who were less fortunate and that they should always strive to work towards nation building.

By doing so, he said, they were showing gratitude to the almighty by sharing the blessing that God had given them.

He said they wanted to demonstrate that the spirit of Ubuntu had no boundaries and knew no colour. “We want to assist where we can. By making this donation, we don’t want to please our egos but we want to please God.

“We should work hard in silence and let our work speak for itself.

“We are not doing this to be praised but we want to a make difference in the lives of others,” he said.

Shaykh Katona has urged other organisations to do the same.

Facility manager, David Mpinza, said he welcomed any donation to the clinic and that seeing smiles on the patients’ faces made him feel good.

Patient, Vuyiswa Zeni, an unemployed mother of two, said she was grateful for the donation.