Inyanga hands out wads of cash at mall

Inyanga Mkhulu Mathe about to give out money to people at Khayelitsha Mall.

As he got out of the car on Friday August 23, a Khayelitsha inyanga was greeted by loud cheers from close to 300 people.

His companions had to order people to step back a few metres to give him space.

Dressed in a red robe with his name written on the back, Inyanga Mkhulu Mathe walked slowly with a huge smile, carrying a pack of money in his hands.

As he walked around the circle of people, the cheers get louder and louder from residents desperate for money.

The inyanga said he was in the Khayelitsha mall to alleviate poverty within poor and destitute communities, such as Philippi, Gugulethu, Khayelitsha and Mfuleni. It was not the first time he was in Khayelitsha mall distributing money to the “poor”.

Mr Mathe has a programme on a local radio station on Fridays. This is where he tells people where he is going to give out money.

But who is Mkhulu Mathe? He is an inyanga from KwaZulu-Natal but now resides in Makhaza in Khayelitsha.

He claims to be the only inyanga bestowed with powers to heal people.

At home he is not the only one with these powers. He said it was his grandfather who was inyanga. When he passed on, his father took over the reins.

In 2003, he then took over from his father.

He claimed to be the only inyanga with money and has 18 cars and 21 workers. Walking around bragging about the thousands he was going to distribute on Friday, he said he has been able to provide food and other household necessities for most of his poverty-stricken clients in all areas.

Asked by Vukani what the source of his money is, he said it is from his clients.

“This is their money that they pay me. I heal people and some come back with thousands of rands just to say thank you for what I did for them.

“I have a good heart. I hate seeing people suffering when I can help.

“This my way to plough back to my clients. This is not the first time doing this.

“I also give them money through my radio programme,” he said.

The inyanga claimed to have changed a lot of people’s lives. He said his money is clean and was open to investigation.

“People love me because of the kind of work I do.

“I am the greatest in the entire country. Those who are jealous of me will not survive,” he told Vukani.

People who Vukani spoke to had different views about the inyangi. Nokuphiwa Tshotsha, 57, from Ndlovini who was given money could only say she was excited. She said she has heard of the inyanga and could not believe that there is somebody who can just give out money. 

“I had nothing at home. This will be a huge relief for me and my family,” she told Vukani.

But a man, who only identified himself as Lutho, said he does not believe that a simple man can give out money. “I do not trust him. There must be something he is using to get such money. We need to ask ourselves many questions instead of just accepting the generosity,” he said.

Vukani contacted the Western Cape Inyangi Forum, who did not want to comment other than to say that they have no knowledge of Mr Mathe.