Internet service provider spruces up Town Two

TooMuchWifi staff cleaned the area of Town Two in an effort to encourage the residents to look after their community.

Staff of an internet service provider got their hands dirty when they rolled up their sleeves to remove litter in Town Two with the hope of encouraging the community to take better care of their area.

One of the founders of TooMuchWifi, Ian Thompson, said through these clean-up campaigns they wanted to inspire and educate the community about the importance of hygiene.

He said this is the third time that they visited the same area and hoped they could get community members to be part of this initiative.

“Too Much Foundation manages and develops community service programmes. We have the guardians programmes which is for kids who do community service for data or they just do it to learn a little bit.

‘’But once they start showing consistency in the community service programme, they become fellows and the foundation will place them with a organisation so that they could continue to support community service,” he said.

Mr Thompson said 10% of their data goes to community-based organisations and Early Childhood Development centres so that they can access the internet.

Members of the ManKind Project also took part in the clean-up. Their Cape Town centre director, Mzukisi Mpingose, said they work with men to influence their behaviour and encourage them to be positive citizens.

He said the primary role of the organisation is shift the mindset of men and empower them with various skills and ways to live a positive life and make a difference in their community.