Inspired by the future

Andile Qolo, Nyanga

Despite it all we are a nation of great thinkers, a nation of movers and shakers, a nation of doers.

We are inspired by the present, we share together and we are inspired by the future so bright that we want to share it with robots in the fourth industrial revolution.

Our past is so sad and shameful but because we are united as one despite our diversity we have become triumphant and victorious. We are a moving nation.

This year we will be facing each other on the ground, campaigning at times; we will be sharing harsh words or action.

It will not be because we hate each other. No, it will be because of the extra love we have for this glorious nation of our forefathers.

It will be because we want equal opportunities for every child regardless of their colour, gender and race. This passion is based on the fact that we are inspired to see change, not for the elite or poor the but for all.

We are a nation of many languages, religions and cultures. We are different families but what unites us is the hope of the future, it’s the human kindness we are known for, from our father Nelson Mandela we are passionate about human spirit.

Doing well for others is something that we participate in with open arms. We have our downfalls and flaws but they don’t keep us down for long. We are driven to reach our destination, our fuel is human spirit.

We have learned to understand one thing about us, South Africans if we are happy we can do anything, can stretch the limit and open up many boundaries. That is exactly what we are preaching to our future generation.