Initiative to activate young minds

A group of young people who are running different community-based initiatives gathered at the Isivivana centre.

Young people today are often described as a lost generation, irresponsible, unruly and of not making enough effort to improve the living conditions of their communities.

However, Activate, a youth driven NGO, has taken it upon itself the task of encouraging young people across the country to be agents of change in society.

Established in 2012, the organisation strives to give support and skills to young people.

Last year it organised a successful #HireAGraduate flash mob campaign in the Eastern Cape, where graduates in their full academic gear stood on the side of the road to get employment.

The organisation has been described as a network of young leaders who aim to drive change across the country.

They held a discussion session last month with a group of young people who had spearhead community initiatives in Khayelitsha and surrounding areas.

They shared their skills and tackled some of the challenges facing the country and the youth.

The organisation’s main objective is to connect youth with skills and to ensure that young people raised their voices and influenced some government policies.

It hopes to inspire youth to render a good public service in society and take them away from drugs, crime and gangsterism.

The organisation also runs a number of training initiatives such as on leadership skills, sustaining an organisation and how to write official documents.

Spokesperson for the organisation, Lulama Mali, said they had had similar workshops in other provinces.

She said their plan was to equip youth with tools for personal development, growth and knowledge.

“We believe that there is a lot that young people can do to address some of the issues which the country grapples with.

“But young people need to be provided with the critical skills so that they are motivated to continue with this noble cause of making an indelible mark in the betterment of the country,” she said.

Karabo Monatisi, who runs a sanitary pad collection initiative, said he was proud to have been part of Activate as it has broadened his knowledge.

He said he was planning to force the Department of Trade and Industry to provide sanitary towels for free.

He said Activate played a vital role in ensuring that despite the hardship they faced along the way, they did not give up doing their community work.