Ingcambu empowers the unemployed

Close to 30 women will now have something to put on the table thanks to Ingcambu Dealing Information Centre.

Noxolo Dyosi grew up intrigued with her mother’s ability to use the sewing machine, to make and mend clothing.

She used to watch her mother closely but never absorbed what she saw.

It was only during the pandemic that she realised how she missed out on learning a skill.

After losing her job, she sat and thought about something that she could do. Sewing was top of her list so she joined Gugulethu-based NPO Ingcambu Dealing Information Centre in September.

On Friday December 9, Ms Dyosi and 25 other members graduated in a grand celebration at the Upper Room Ministries Church in Gugulethu. They all received their certificates that can bring opportunities for them.

“The training was fruitful. Most didn’t know how to sit behind the machine, how to operate, just to do basic things. But look at us today, there’s nothing we cannot do, from dresses, bags, trousers and a lot of things. I am grateful to Andile Apleni and the facilitator Yonela Mpini for their patience in us,” she said just before receiving her certificate.

She plans to open her own business and also wants to give back to her community of Nyanga by developing others.

“I have learned a lot here and I want to take that knowledge and pass it to others. Most people are unemployed so they can do something just like me.”

Ingcambu Dealing Information Centre founder, Andile Apleni, is thrilled to see continued success through his organisation. His aim is to empower township residents.

“We give skills so that people can get jobs or establish their own businesses. We started last year with this programme and it has shown great success. We are so glad that people chose us to pursue their dreams and aspirations. Their success is proof that working hard with people that know what they want is achievable,” he said.

Mostly women, the graduates sang and danced while some took pictures with friends and family before their big day.

The course took place at St Francis school at NY 18 in Gugulethu. Mr Apleni wished all his students well.

“We are also so very proud of them finishing without a glitch. Through our programme we will continue to provide needed skills. To this group of dedicated individuals, we can only wish them incredible success as they venture into their career. We have full confidence in them. We know they hold our name high,” he said.

The programme will resume next year at a date yet to be announced.

Sisters showing off their work at the Upper Room Ministries Church in Gugulethu.
The founder of Ingcambu Dealing Information Centre, Andile Apleni is happy to see other people prospering through his work.