Honouring the legacy of Langa’s luminaries

Johnson Ngwevela Hall was packed for the awards ceremony.

Those who have helped to build Langa were honoured at an awards ceremony in the township last Friday.

The audience at the Johnson Ngwevela Hall erupted into song for those who went up on stage to receive trophies and certificates, and there was ululation and whistling throughout much of the ceremony

The Langa Heritage Legends Inkaba Awards Legacy Programme recognises the achievements of community members in various spheres over the years, including by some who made the ultimate sacrifice in the fight against apartheid (“Awards to honour those who helped to build Langa,” Vukani, October 26).

The awards programme is run by the Sinakho Leadership Support and Skills Development Centre and the Freedom Park Museum

Sinakho founder Dr Mthobeli Guma said the awards were a way to document the community’s past achievements and its “culture of social cohesion” for future generations.

“Back then, the families used to look after each other. There was no poor family. This is a legacy programme that young people should take forward. Things must happen,” he said.

Lindiwe Kula, along with her cousins, Nandi and Nomfundo Siboto, received an award on behalf of her mother, the late sports personality and singer Nomagugu Noulutshungu.

Ms Kula, who was 8 when her mother died, said she had been waiting for the day when her mother would be recognised in such a way.

“I am overwhelmed by this. This makes me emotional,” she said. “I would only say to the organisers, thanks for acknowledging my mother.

“Whoever thought about these awards made a brilliant thing. I am told that my mother was a brilliant figure in Langa. She was into sports, music and a teacher. She was one of the people who formed the Langa adult choir and formed a hockey and softball team in Langa. She was involved and active in many things.”

Sinakho programme manager Nontuthuzelo Phahlane said the awards were a way for Langa’s prominent families to pass on their legacy to a younger generation.

She urged the community to write its own history because the story would only be correct if the community was involved in telling it.

Lindiwe Kula and Nandi and Nomfundo Siboto with the trophy and certificate of recognition for Nomagugu Nolutshungu.