Samukelo Nombembe, teacher at Masiyile Secondary School

Well written piece. It evokes such a lot of emotion. The article is heart-wrenching, it fills one with the deepest, searing pain.

One is in a dark hole of despair where there is nothing but gloom.

Fear engulfs me, helplessness becomes my mate, fury, resentment at the male counterpart who gloats at my nakedness as he strips away my dignity, the sadist who thrives on my desperate wimperings of mercy yet he gloats…

However, he is the villain not I, as he is not man enough to protect and cherish me as he chooses to be my worst nightmare, a symbol of torture and destruction.

My heart bleeds and no one listens to my pitiful cries. I choke in my own tears and nobody cares.

* become an object of sadistic pleasure… Life goes on. After all, it is a man’s world as only he can undo the damage by the fellow species.I am at his mercy…

Bravo to the writer.