Gugulethu residents protest outside Sassa office

A handful of Gugulethu residents protested outside the Sassa office on Tuesday morning.

Gugulethu residents say they will continue to protest outside the local South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) office to make sure their plight is heard for the former manager, Freddie Sidali to be reinstated.

On Tuesday morning, community members, carrying placards, demanded the reinstatement of Mr Sidali who they claimed had been suspended and taken to Khayelitsha.

Community leader Marc Matebe said Mr Sidali had done much at the Gugulethu office.

“There are no more people who sleep here. You come here at 2am, there’s no people sleeping outside. We cannot allow somebody of his calibre to be taken from us. Why is a person like that not capable of being the manager here? He qualifies for the job. Our protest is to keep him here. We do not want him to go,” said Mr Matebe.

Another resident Maxwell Nqunqa called on protesters to stick to their demand. “Freddie has done a lot for Gugulethu, Nyanga and KTC residents. He brought the light here. There are no people who sleep here now. I do not care who says what, we do not want the incoming manager,” said Mr Nqunqa.

In reply to a query from Vukani, SASSA spokesperson Shivani Wahab said she had contacted the management for input and would send a response when she got it.

Protesters are happy that there are no overnight queues at Gugulethu Sassa and credit former manager Freddie Sidali for it.
Resident Maxwell Nqunqa has a strong view about the incoming manager of Sassa in Gugulethu.