Gugs clinic raises TB awareness

On Monday Gugulethu Community Health Clinic and the Violence Prevention Through Urban Upgrading (VPUU) initiative held a tuberculosis (TB) awareness programme in Lotus Park, Gugulethu.

Today, Thursday March 24, is World TB Day.

It is commemorated annually to raise public awareness about the devastating health impact of TB and the efforts to end the TB epidemic.

The clinic, however, took a slightly different approach, focusing instead, on informing people about their health rights. Monday March 21 was, after all, Human Rights Day.

While health officials educated those who attended the event about how to prevent and treat TB infection, dance and drama groups entertained the crowds.

Health promoter Thozama Gudwane said they had decided that on Human Rights Day, people needed to be made aware that they had the right to good health.

Ms Gudwane added that everyone needed to know the symptoms of TB – and that it is curable.

These include coughing, night sweats and weightloss, among others.

“As part of the efforts to raise public awareness on TB, we decided to converge here today to educate and inform our people,” she said.

“This is to better our communication with the public. The hospital will continue to engage in community outreach programmes to promote health awareness and disease prevention. They should understand that the disease is preventable and curable,” she said.

She said she was happy that they had collaborated with VPUU to inform people about being proactive against the virus.

“We want to urge and plead with them to always visit our facility. They should value their health as they value all other things. But their health is more important to us. That is why we opted to take this opportunity to bring awareness here. We knew it is a holiday and not all of them will attend rallies and other gatherings.”

VPUU centre manager Faniswa Filani was equally excited to host the awareness initiative.

“We are delighted to host this important event that will help people. This is a powerful awareness day that all of us should grab with two hands. I am excited that people will receive valuable information through us at the Gugulethu health clinic,” she said.

Those who attended the event prayed for those with TB.
Faniswa Filani has promised to organise more health-related events for the people of Lotus Park in Gugulethu.
The Siyazama Dance Group was among the groups that entertained the the crowds at the event.