Grade 12 pupils motivated to do well

Teachers took the time to motivate Grade 12 pupils and urged them to do well.

Words of wisdom and encouragement reverberated through the walls of Comprehensive High School’s hall when the school hosted a motivational talk for Grade 12 pupils on Friday February 9.

Speakers, teachers and former pupils shared their emotional and inspiring stories to prepare the pupils for success.

The pupils were told that an investment in knowledge and education was important.

Principal Ntsikelelo Ngcenge said that they were inducting this year’s Grade 12s with the intention of motivating them.

He said they invited last year’s matriculants to share their experience and how they managed to overcome the pressure of being in Grade 12.

He said the school wanted to improve last year’s 72.5% pass rate and had set an 85% target for the class of 2018.

Mr Ngcenge said they have already put all the necessary support structures in place. He said it was important that as the school they conduct such ceremonies to give pupils an idea of what was expected from them.

He assured pupils that they were not alone. He said Grade 12 was crucial as it could help pupils unlock opportunities.

“Do not let your life challenges determine who you become. There is nothing impossible in life. We will continue pushing our pupils to work hard because when you have good marks, it is easy to get bursaries to sponsor you to further your studies.

“Our role is to provide knowledge and guidance. We want them to take the school to another level,” he said.

Mr Ngcenge said the 2017 class had laid a solid foundation.

He criticised gangsterism and late coming by some of the pupils. He said last year, the school managed to obtain 19 Bachelor’s passes and 53 Diploma passes. He said they wanted to get more Bachelor level passes this year. A Bachelor’s pass makes entry into university possible.

Yonela Mhlomi, who was in Grade 12 last year, encouraged the pupils to focus more on their studies and limit their social time.

She said she never thought she would get a Bachelors pass. She said she made a lot of sacrifices and spent most of her time studying. She told the pupils that if she managed to pass matric, they also stood a good chance of passing. Grade 12 pupil Philasande Ngaka said he felt motivated and his confidence had been boosted. However, he pointed out that they had a lot of pressure to do well and not disappoint their parents and the school. He said he wanted to become a doctor. “We have kind and caring teachers and I feel that we can do well. I feel ready to embark on this journey,” he said.