Government must invest in young people

Thembalethu Qolo, KTC

Townships have became a pool of blood. The streets are red with blood and darker with gloom and fear. Daylight robberies are happening and are becoming a norm. Killings are a daily reality. The freedom and unlimited “human rights” are dismally killing the black nation. Most of our youth are quitting school at primary school level, and yet we are expecting professional engineers, lawyers and doctors.

Every year during the State of the Nation Address, the government emphasises the provision of infrastructure for development. But the question remains: where is this nation going? Who will build those roads, schools and clinics? The only solution is that we must get the youth back into the classroom and the hours of learning should not be disturbed.

Every school must have a library. No child should be a beneficiary of a social grant if they are not attending school. Education should be priority number one. The quality of our education must be increased. Government should ensure it’s tough to be a prisoner and that no benefits are given to those behind bars. To be a prisoner must not look interesting at all. Youth must be afraid to go to prison. However, this will only be implementable if we start to build mentally strong youth.