Good Samaritans donate food to those in need

Councillor Khaya Yozi made three stops to donate food parcels to residents of his ward.

Good Samaritans around the city have shown how big their hearts are by helping those in need and who have been hit hard by the lockdown which is in place to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

They have dug deep into their pockets to feed the poor during the challenging time, donating not only food, but also medical supplies and other essentials.

Last week a couple of churches, footballers, non-governmental organisations and other individuals contributed groceries to some of those living below the breadline.

Last Friday, April 17 about 20 Mfuleni families were given food parcels by St John Faith Apostolic Reverend, Boyizini Nonkele.

Mr Nonkele said the need was great in the community, particularly during lockdown, and called for more donations to help feed the hungry.

“God visited me in my sleep and told me to feed and share with the poor. In this strange dream, I asked him where I get the money to do that. But he told me to contact people that I know and those who usually help me when I am in trouble, to do so.

“I did exactly that and took my last cents to buy all this. God made a plan for me to be able to donate all this,” he said.

Each hamper will be able to feed a family for about a month, depending on how many people are in the household. Parcels contained, among other things, 5kg of chicken, two 12.5kg bags of mealie meal and flour, samp and beans, rice, coffee, fish oils, tinned pilchards and sachets of soup mix, as well as salt.

Mr Nonkele said he was hoping to come back to Mfuleni and donate more.

“This is a difficult time for all of us. It is most difficult for people in informal settlements who are not working. It is a fact that most people are unemployed. It is now for us to do something and give hope to them during this time. We need to help with all our hearts,” he said.

Mlamli Harmanus who has been out of work for six months said they were grateful for the assistance. “I am touched by this generosity because I have been wondering what I will put on the table on a day-to-day basis. I live with two young boys and it has been difficult to explain to them why there is no food,” he said.Holding back tears of joy, Nontsasa Xhungu said: “It looks like he knew my troubles. I live in an informal settlement with no food. May he be blessed more.”Meanwhile in Nyanga, local councillor Khaya Yozi started delivering food parcels to more than 230 families in his ward. On Saturday April 18, made three stops at Lusaka, Hlazo and KTC halls. He said while the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) had promised food parcels, they had not yet arrived. So, he decided to fund-raise and buy something for underprivileged residents of his ward.

“I had to think on my feet and do something. Many people who were domestic workers are really finding it hard during this time.

“The little I give them will make a change even though it will not for long. The hope is that, when Sassa comes, there will still be something,” he said, thanking the area committee for identifying people in need.