Friends extend a helping hand to those in need

Portia Socikwa helps a homeless woman to cover herself with a new blanket she donated.
In addition to donating clothes, the friends also prepared a hearty soup for the children.

Passionate about changing the lives of those living on the street, Blue Downs mom Portia Socikwa, and some of her friends visited homeless people in Sea Point and Epping to donate food, blankets and clothes on Sunday August 1.

More than 100 homeless people, including children and teenagers, were excited to also receive toiletry packs which included sanitary towels and other essentials.

Ms Socikwa started the #Weneedtogetinvolved initiative to encourage everyday people to donate whatever they could to the homeless, and to remind people that contributing something small might make a significant difference in the lives of others.

She believes that giving back helps unite and make people understand the complex and difficult challenges which homeless people face.

“I believe that it takes a village to raise a child but it also takes everyone to change the country. Homeless people deserve to be looked after just like other people.

“Some of these people did not choose to be homeless but endless life challenges put them into the streets. I spent no less than R3 000 from my own pocket on this initiative but I don’t regret any of it,” she said.

Ms Socikwa said she was also grateful to her friends and others who had heeded her impassioned plea to donate clothes and other items.

A woman who donated R1 200 but who wanted to remain anonymous, said Ms Socikwa had a heart of Gold. She donated generously this year as last year she had been unable to.