Foundation gives disabled boy ’new legs’

Community members came to witness the Dawecy Foundation handing over prosthetic legs to Avuyile Xangaza.

A young unmarried couple, who lost their jobs due to Covid -19, has not let that stop them from doing what they can to help others.

Mahlubandile Radebe lost his job as a basketball coach at the Department of Culture Arts and Sports while Noluvuyo Menemene’s work at Cape Grace Hotel Spa also came to an end.

Rather than feeling sorry for themselves, they decided to start a non-profit organisation – the Disabled And Women Elderly Children Youth (DAWECY) Foundation – in April of 2020.

“We could not sit at home and wallow in our situation. Instead we used our resources to start a soup kitchen which feeds children and people from Zwezwe and Nkanini,” said Mr Radebe.

They saw that Avuyile Danxaza a pupil at Tembalethu School for the Disabled was struggling with his old prosthetic legs and decided to raise funds to get him a new pair.

However, they were shocked when they found out what it would cost.

“We knocked on many doors and finally the Orthotic and Prosthetic Centre came to our rescue by giving a new pair free of charge,” said Ms Menemene.

Last week the organisation held a ceremony in Zwezwe where an excited Avuyile was handed his “new legs”.

Mahlubandile Radebe and Noluvuyo Menemene with Avuyile.

Avuyile’s mother Boniswa said she was very happy and thanked Dawecy Foundation for their role in securing the prosthetic legs for his son.

“I am so delighted, and hopeful that Dawecy Foundation will continue its good work,” she said.

Motivational speaker and businesswoman Nosi Dlamini congratulated Dawecy Foundation for its vision and urged people to assist with its programmes.

“We need more like you to change our societies. It’s hard work but never give up,” she said.

The foundation can be contacted on 068 545 1166.