Foundation donates stationery to Hopolang Primary School

Sibusiso Mathe, a traditional healer known as Inyangi-Yezizwe and founder of the foundation together with his wife Sinazo Mathe handover stationery packs to pupils.

There were scenes of jubilation and appreciation when the Mkhulu Mathe Foundation donated 100 food parcels, school packs and R50 000 to Hopolang Combined Primary School in Khayelitsha last Friday.

Four sheep were also slaughtered for pupils, teachers and parents who had gathered at the school field to attend the event.

Sibusiso Mathe, a traditional healer known as Inyangi-Yezizwe and founder of the foundation, said he made the donation after he heard the school had been robbed and valuable items stolen.

With the donation, he said, he wanted the school to replace the stolen items so that they could continue with their good work.

He questioned what kind of people would rob a community institution which is meant to develop and build future leaders.

Mr Mathe said he heard that the school had been robbed so many times and every time criminals rob the school they take the school’s laptops.

He said he had been informed 24 laptops had taken from the school in 2016 and this year they took others.

He said if these learning tools are taken from pupils how were they going to build their futures and become leaders of tomorrow.

“The community must step up and protect our schools.

“If we allow criminals to do as they please we are therefore raising children who will have anger. Education is the key for a better future for these children.

“If these tools, which are meant to develop these children, are taken one way or another we are destroying their future.

“And they will become the next criminals who will do the same thing of breaking into schools.

“I’m here to say to this community – take a stand and protect schools.

“I know that people would listen to this message,” he said.

Mr Mathe said he donated the food parcels because he understands that many families have lost their income during this pandemic and do not have enough.

Principal Thabo Mokhanya said the school was grateful for all the foundation had done for the school. He said in 21 years he had been at the school it was the first time that the school had received such a big donation.

Mr Mokhanya said towards the end of last month criminals entered the school at their administration block and took five computers and other valuable items. He said in 2016 24 computers were stolen from the school’s computer lab.

“It is not white people coming to steal in Khayelitsha, it is our own people who steal from us; our people who are stealing and making learning and teaching at the school difficult.

“We thank the foundation, “ he said.

Parent Neliswa Khala said she was over the moon with excitement.

Ms Khala said she hopes the community and other stakeholders will roll up their sleeves and protect the school. She welcome the donation of food parcels and stationery, saying it was important.

Ms Khala expressed the hope that the school’s security measures will be improved so that criminals won’t be able to break in again.