False Bay Choir delights followers with new songs

False Bay Choir giving their fans a bit of what they have in the new and old albums at the David Flute Church in Site B, Khayelitsha.

Fresh from its Eastern Cape tour, the False Bay Choir gave its Cape Town fans something to cheer about during the launch of its new album Nkosi Ndithembe Wena, on Saturday September 2, at the David Flute Church, in Site B.

The group wowed the crowd with songs like Rea hae, Mokrestu olilayo and others. The title track Nkosi Ndithembe Wena has also become a hit since it was first released.

Choir vice chairperson Nophelo Dubase told Vukani she was proud of the offering – and her members. “This is another classic offering from the choir,” she said.

Most of the songs are from the Methodist Hymn book. However, Ms Dubase said the good thing about their songs was that they were arranged to suit every gospel lover and God-fearing person.

“But we also include a whole lot of other songs. People have given us a good reception wherever we go. Ours is not to make money for ourselves, but we are singing this music to show God’s love.

“We want to inspire and heal the hearts of poor people of this country. We are not after money but our offerings go to charity organisations. Like our tour in the Eastern Cape, the offering went to the church and few creches around Khayelitsha. That is our mission,” she said.

Ms Dubase said while the choir comprised mostly mature members, nothing stopped young people from joining the group.

“This choir has helped a lot of us. Most of us are seniors and we encounter problems in our homes and daily living. But when you get to the choir, it soothes your spirit. You forget your troubles. “There are also times when we have people confessing that God came to them through the choir. We are grateful to have seniors that seek to inspire young people,” she told Vukani.

The album is available in some music stores and through members of the choir.