Ethafeni donates tools to home food gardeners

These are some of the excited beneficiaries who received the gardening tools.

It was a memorable day when more than 100 families received gardening tools from Ethafeni – a Nyanga-based non-governmental organisation on Friday April 16.

The NGO donated 85 wheelbarrows, 50 watering cans, and 85 spades to the 113 families wjo are part of their food Home Food Gardening project and have previously donated watering cans.

The NGO said it was working to train and encourage residents around Nyanga to start their own food gardens as source of food and income for unemployed families who battle to survive during this pandemic.

Home Food Gardening programme coordinator, Lindiwe Mtyhido hard at work sorting out the tools before handing them out.

Programme manager at Ethafeni, Khaya Mlandu, said the programme encouraged residents to plant food gardens in their yards or other available open space and provided them with fencing, seeds and fertiliser.

They also trained the participants how to look after the food garden.

He said the pandemic had resulted in many people losing their jobs and not being able to feed their families.

“One of the benefits of enjoying garden vegetables is a reduced monthly food bill. You can grow organic vegetables from your own yard.

“You don’t have buy spinach or cabbage because you have them. I also believe that growing your own produce also gives you a great sense of accomplishment.

“Consuming vegetables helps you stay healthy. We want to preach the importance of having a food garden in our townships,” he said.

Mr Mlandu said the project was started last year in September and it will end in June which which time they hope to have created 200 food gardens.

Masechaba Masiua, 71, who was among those who received tools, said she had started her food garden three years back and ever since then she had been reaping the benefits of owning a food garden. In addition to this, she said, visiting her garden made her feel happy and rejuvenated.

Another beneficiary, Sikhumbuzo Madinga, said he learnt about food gardening from his late mother and started his in 2010. Now there are many veggies he doesn’t have to buy, and often he can even provide some for his neighbours.