Eskom boost crime-fighting plans

Eskom staff and members of the CPF promised to curb crime in Site B.

Efforts to root out crime in Khayelitsha got a boost on Friday August 27, when power utility Eskom donated furniture to the local community police forum (CPF), at the Khayelitsha police station, in Site B.

Chairs, tables, a microwave and a kettle, were donated in response to an appeal by residents and the police to improve working conditions for CPF members.

Currently the office has only one table and two chairs.

CPF chairperson Nomawe thu Mosana thanked Eskom, saying it had been a struggle to operate 24 hours a day because members were reluctant to sit in the office at night.

“To be honest it was a bit discouraging to work in an empty office. We felt that we were being taken for granted,” she said. “Remember, we are putting our lives at risk to ensure that other people are living in a safe environment.

”Our office was also small. We are grateful that it has been expanded. Even the table we had was small. It was mostly used by our secretary. We are pleased to know that there are people who value our contribution,” she said.

Ms Mosana urged the community to support them and their efforts. and said they planned to deploy more of their members to D Section, which she labelled as one of the problematic areas.

She praised members for committing themselves to the cause and for going the extra mile. She said members used bicycles to access areas police could not reach with their cars.

Jolene Henn, Eskom’s provincial spokeperson, said they felt obliged to equip any organisations fighting crime in the community.

“In this area, in particular, we are battling with illegal electricity connections and cable theft. We are always looking forward to assist where we can,” she said.

Khayelitsha police spokes person Lieutenant Marcellus Rajap said they were excited and grateful to Eskom for donating the equipment. He called on other stakeholders to join hands to root out crime.

“CPF is one of the stakeholders that play a crucial role in assisting us as SAPS in fighting crime, and they need to be empowered with all the necessary equipment they might need.

“We urge the community as well to support the work being done by members of CPF,” he said.