Epakeni a nightmare for homeowners and roadusers

Strike Mposo, Khayelitsha

The chaos which takes place in Epakeni in Spine Road in Khayelitsha on the weekends will result in people’s unnecessary deaths.

On Sunday morning I witnessed motorists struggling to drive on that stretch of the road because many cars were parked in the middle of the road whilst their drunk drivers were having fun.

I saw two drivers arguing violently, the one driver had parked his car in the middle of the road and was irked when told of his wrongdoing.

The traffic department must patrol this area and give the erring parkers tickets. Also the level of noise worries residents who live behind this Epakeni enjoyment place.

People operating businesses here must account for this.

I am not sure whether these are legally registered businesses but I doubt it because I see a lot people selling liquor from the boots of their cars.

The City of Cape Town must investigate how it can better monetize the use of this park to both its benefit and that of homeowners in the area. There is a lot of lawlessness there, I tell you.