Education is a collective duty

Jeremiah Daka, Unathi Crossroads

Education is vital. Whether poor or rich, children have a right to education.

Sadly, for us black people, education is irrelevant. Its value continues to drop daily; parents are no longer interested in influencing their children to value education.

As a parent you don’t have to be educated in order for you to play an essential role to your child. Just by influencing or encouraging them to love school is big enough.

At this point we need to bring back the essentials, whereby parents and school boards formulate strategies for good teamwork.

And we need to work hand in hand, as parents, teachers, pupils and the surrounding communities, to strengthen this link. We need to have regular meetings to keep everyone informed of the new challenges.

I also believe that schools should start an inspection regime to go and check the premises of the school vendors to ensure they meet all the hygienic requirements for the food that they sell to our children.

I will be happy if the above-mentioned steps can be followed. They have the power of reshaping our children’s future.

Education is a true transformer of the future we need.