Langa children come out to play

Young ones were challenged on many fronts.

Hundreds of children attended a joint sports day involving 35 Langa Early Childhood Development (ECD) facilities, on Monday.

At the event, held at Langa sports fields, parents and teachers were reminded of their role in protecting and advancing children’s rights while children enjoyed jumping castles, running, playing soccer, reading and other activities.

It was organised by the Langa early childhood development forum in conjunction with the City of Cape Town’s Recreation and Parks Department.

The forum said creches ensured that children get early education and care as reflected in the National Development Plan, but added that having activities outside of these facilities helped develop children’s socialisation skills.

“We take great pride in our children. These are our greatest treasure and the future of this country,” said forum chairperson, Jean Mpati.

“For them to develop well, we should take good care of them and their upbringing. This outing helps grow them mentally. This where they find a chance to meet other children from other creches and start a good communication with them. By so doing they are able to make friends with children they do not even know.”

Ms Mpati also urged facilities which were not registered to ensure they get their paperwork in order, something they were willing to assist with.

Principal of Likhwezi ECD, Nomonde Tshamlambo, who is also a member of the forum, encouraged other ECDs to join the organisation. She said being part of the forum enabled them to help each other with the challenges they faced.

“For instance, an event like this brings us all together. Yes we are playing with children and all that, but we can also discuss the most important issues about our creches and children.

“Who knows, we can resolve many challenges that we have. That is why it is important for people to join the forum. It will be good if all creches from Langa can be part of the forum. By so doing we will be supporting each other and the education of these children,” she said.

The City’s principal facilitator for sport and recreation in Langa, Yongama Matshoba, said 700 children had attended the event. He said their primary task was to take the children from their confined environments and teach them sporting skills.

“We wanted to promote sports at an early age and capture them early. It is for us to transfer skills that talk to them but not forgetting their curriculum.

“ It was only good that they were not in small environments like creches. They were able to work with others,” he said.