Early academic gift for pupils

Pupils and staff of the clothing store rub shoulders after the ceremony.

There were smiles galore at Vuyani and Sonwabo primary schools in Gugulethu when a clothing store from a nearby mall donated stationery pencil packs to needy pupils on Thursday November 16.

The pupils were given stationery packs to the value of R7 000 and were urged to stay in school and to never allow their hardships to discourage them.

Sonwabo Primary School principal, Bongani Dlwathi, said many of their pupils at the school cannot afford to buy basic stationery as they come from poor families.

He said the generosity of companies such as this one makes it possible for teachers to do their work knowing that the pupils have the basic needed to learn.

He said these tools make teaching and learning easier.

He said the harsh reality was that some of the pupils came from child-headed homes while others were living with grandparents.

He said it might seem like a little donation but it goes a long way in making a difference in the children’s school life.

Mr Dlwathi said the donation shows a progressive move in helping township schools and the school was always in need of support.

He said as the school they do their bit to help pupils but their endless efforts were often not enough.

He said this was the first time the school received a donation and they were appreciative of this gesture.

He said every child had the potential to become something in life but only if they could be provided with the right tools.

Mr Dlwathi said this restores their dignity and integrity and makes them feel loved and cared for.

He said townships schools require a lot of assistance and hopes that the donors would continue providing a helping hand to other schools as well.

“This donation signifies that it takes a village to raise a child. The simple reality is that we don’t have enough resources to meet all our school needs. This is a morale boosts to our pupils. We applaud the donors for the donation and certainly it will inspire our pupils to work hard and value the importance of education,” he said.

Markham’s store manager Bongani Mncube said the key objective of the stationery drive was to support the schools operating in disadvantaged areas.

He said it aims to ensure that pupils throughout the country have access to some basic school needs and to show them the value of education.

He said the private sector should play a role in providing much needed school resources.

He motivated the pupils, saying they should never give up on life and know that success does not come easy. He told them that patience and perseverance was the fundamental key in achieving their dreams. “Use these tools to better yourself. School is the only way that can change your life and of others around you,” he said.