Eager to make their mark

Ndileka Kongela and her daughter, Asive, in Mfuleni.

As Vukani hit the road in cold winter weather on election day, yesterdy, Wednesday August 3, voters from Mfuleni to Khayelitsha, Nyanga, KTC, Gugulethu and Langa, young and old among them, were making their way to polling stations to cast their votes in the local government election.

Many senior people, especially in Mfuleni, covered themselves with blankets to keep warm as they queued outside the polling station.

There was also excitement among first-time voters and those who were first in the queue.

Accompanied by her mom, Asive Kongela, 19, from Mfuleni, said it felt great to be voting for the first time. Asked why she was voting, she said: “I am excited and I already see change. I am voting for change”.

Her equally excited mom, Ndileka Kongela, said she was happy the her daughter was exercising her right to vote.

The first man to cast his vote in Mfuleni, Malakiwe Ngcaba, said he could not wait to make his mark.

Another excited voter was an elder from Kuyasa, Sandile Makhala, who after casting his vote, went to collect his herd of cattle, saying he had had to wake up early so he could take his cattle out.

“I am happy that I voted, and I am sure that I voted right,” he said.

At some polling stations, political parties, particularly the bigger ones, were still canvassing for votes and party flags were flown not far from the stations.

There were long lines in Mfuleni, Town Two and Endlovini.

At the voting station at Khuse Primary School in Zwelitsha, Nyanga, there was some excitement, but voters felt hard done by because of a shortage of ballot papers. However, they said, they would wait until new ones arrived.

In KTC, a group of mothers and children wearing ANC T-shirts marched and sang in the streets.