Don’t lose your head during this time of the year

The pressure of December will kill a lot of people.

It proves to be an expensive month for families.

The hype already starts with Black Friday in November and never dies down, with an influx of adverts and glittering decorations on shop shelves.

Before I wish you a happy and safe festive season, allow me to be harsh and tell you if you put yourself under pressure financially during this time, you are not a friend of mine.

The price of everything has almost doubled and I am not going to be associated with those who still spend excessively. I’ve learned from previous Decembers where we have spent our hard earned money on unnecessary things. The Christmas festivities are always playing a trick on us.

I have been ignoring the pressure and I hope to continue to do so. With the cost of living crisis gripping the nation, we should do things differently. We should not allow one day to ruin us after working hard for 11 months.

As people, families and friends we need to cut our costs. We should still entertain ourselves but in a way that doesn’t need us to overspend.

For example, what I have seen is those who slave away in Cape Town and go back to the Eastern Cape during this time, they still spend a lot by going to the sea in East London. It does not make sense.

Let us use this December to correct our mistakes. Let us enjoy ourselves, buy clothes and food for our immediate families too, but let us think upfront.

There are still school costs coming to haunt us come January.

Those who can afford it can continue with their spending but those of us who are less fortunate must accept our situation.

Spend wisely and do not lose your head this festive season. You will thank me later.

Have a blessed holiday. To those who will be travelling to different destinations, drive safely. I hope the cars are serviced and in good condition.