Don’t kill our police

Thami Matini, Langa

It is very concerning when our own Minister of Police issues a lenient statement in response to Julius Malema’s utterances abou the police over the weekend.

It cannot only be AfriForum and Solidarity who are making more noise about police killings.

Most of the police that are killed are from the black communities, ie African, Coloured and Indian.

It makes it more hurtful when he says they will do what they did to the police in the 1980s.

In the 80s people were killed just for being a police officer, irrespective of the kind of policing they did, whether Forest Police (Rangers) , Railway Police or Mine Police, they were killed just because they were police.

That statement should be condemned and action be taken against Mr Malema. When your family is in the police these days you don’t know whether he/she will come back alive when they go to work.

Yobe, Mr Malema, yobe.