Donation of pads for girls’ soccer school

Philani Zama from O Graceland , Marius Basson from Menstruation Foundation with local DJs Sir Vincent and Dj Loyd visited Ekasi School of Soccer delivering pads for girls. Coaches Dumisani Ntsodo and Sipho Matwaso were too glad.

Two popular Khayelitsha DJs did their bit to make the lives of 50 girl soccer players a bit more comfortable when they donated sanitary pads to them.

Sir Vincent and DJ Lloyd used their contacts to run a pad collection drive for the Ekasi School of Soccer which caters for girls between the ages of 13 and 18.

Sir Vincent said when he learnt of the good work taking place at the school he felt duty-bound to help them.

“We know that periods are putting a lot of young girls out schools. Those who come from struggling families cannot afford to buy pads so we formed a partnership with Menstruation Foundation who are providing sanitary pad to communities,” said Sir Vincent.

The Menstruation Foundation’s Marius Basson said many girls struggle to access basic sanity products on a monthly basis.

“By purchasing and distributing pads we aim to bring dignity into the lives of woman and girls in South Africa and partnership with Ekasi School of Soccer will continue into the future,” Mr Basson said.

The girls were grateful for the efforts of the men who organised the sanitary towel donation.

He said his organisation also assisted with feeding schemes.

Ekasi School of Soccer coach Dumisani Ntsodo said they were very happy to receive the sanitary pads because most of the girls came from families who are struggling to make ends meet.

“When Sir Vincent and DJ Lloyd told us about their drive, we were very excited because it will support these children,” he said.

Philani Zama who runs a non-profit organisation O Graceland Girls Home gave a pep talk to the young girls, encouraging to dream big.

“We know that menstrual periods (can be) difficult but it should not keep you out of school. In the past the society was ashamed of talking about this issue. (But) periods are natural,” he said.

Studies by UNICEF show that millions of girls across the globe are missing from classrooms while they’re on their period, which deprives them of getting a quality education.

Fifty girls were given sanitary pads by two popular Khayelitsha DJs.

Two of the recipients, Hlumelo Nodluti and Dithaphelo Motoali, who attend a nearby Hopolang Primary School said they were happy to receive the pads.

“We thank our coach and the people who brought us the pads because we really need them,” said Hlumelo.

Dithaphelo said her mother would be very happy that she had enough pads for next two months.