Divided and bankrupt

Fanie Jason, Gugulethu

I like President Cyril Ramaphosa’s statement that, from Nelson Mandela to Thabo Mbeki, right through to Zuma had moved this country forward.

What he did not tell us was how more than a trillion rand had been stolen via corruption since Zuma came to power, and how he was a major setback economically to this country.

When Mbeki left office, the rand was R8 to $1.

I could not help myself, but burst out laughing when Ramaphosa told us how Zuma passed the baton over to him, while we all know the baton was taken from him by force.

Zuma may be an asset to the ANC, but not to South Africa.

(He was) an ANC leader who respected his organisation more then the country and its people because he knew he could use the ANC and some of his cronies to rob this country bankrupt.

When the ANC was formed, it was formed as a vehicle to unite all freedom-loving people.

But by the time
Zuma left office, not only did he leave a divided ANC but a divided country on racial and tribal lines.

Zuma was not only the worst ANC leader, but the most corrupt and divisive leader, who outsourced the governance of our country to foreign nationals, because of his greed.

Happy revolutionary 107th birthday to the ANC. Forward always, never backwards.