District Six Museum starts Seven for Seven Steps initiative

The District Six Museum suffered low visitor numbers during the Covid-19 lockdown.

The District Six Museum has launched a global fundraising campaign.

The campaign, called the Seven for Seven Steps District Six Initiative, was launched on Wednesday July 7, and will run for 77 days, until Tuesday September 21.

The iconic Seven Steps in District Six. PICTURE: Ian Bruce Huntley (District Six Museum Collection)

It was named after the iconic landmark in District Six, the Seven Steps, which was a space for social interaction.

The aim is to raise R7 million, by encouraging people all over the world to donate 7 of their currency via the District Six Museum website.

Recently appointed District Six Museum director Siddeeq Railoun said the community spirit in and around the District Six Museum is strong.

“It has kept us alive through the uncertainty and resource-ravaging time of 2020. It has helped us to keep the museum doors open. We thank the many old friends and supporters of the museum who were joined by young people, local creatives and international patrons for enabling this.

“It is my intention to strengthen our position as an indispensable part of the diverse community that makes up the city of Cape Town, while maintaining our national and global relevance as a site of conscience.

“During these challenging times, when visitor numbers remain low and government Covid-19 regulations are unpredictable, we call upon you, in the spirit of community, to support us once again.”

Mr Railoun said the funds will be used to help enliven public engagement and learning through the exhibitions, oral history campaigns, research, expressive arts events and programming.

R 1 million of the total raised will be reserved to start an endowment fund for the organisation.

“Your kind gift ensures that the District Six Museum remains a landmark of social justice consciousness in Cape Town. Your solidarity is greatly appreciated and admired,” said Mr Railoun.

For more information or to donate, visit www.districtsix.co.za