Dishing up good food in Gugs

Cape Town-181016 Orgasmic Gawulo restaurant cooked this Grilled steak with lime, served with a stir-fry, grilled pap and a mushroom sauce.Orgasmic Gawulo an emerging fine-dining restaurant that is located in a vibrant center hub of Gugulethu township. Established on the 16th October 2017 their business started at a food truck where they sold sandwiches and salads at various locations within Gugulethu and it later expanded in a period of two months where given an opportunity to cook and host in a popular local space. This is where they officially launched themselves as a restaurant their vision is to be the best fine-dining restaurant in the township. The plan to change the perception of food and entertainment by infusing kasi culture and 5 star restaurant experience, and nourish peoples souls through the entire experience Photographer Ayanda Ndamane/African/news/agency (ANA

It’s drizzling lightly as a group of tourists from somewhere in the United States descend on house number 22 in Gugulethu’s NY 110.

Two locals, Thulani Mguda and Itumeleng Mayenge are holding centre stage as the tourists pummel them with questions regarding their restaurant called Orgasmic Gawulo.

In 2017, Thulani and Itumeleng started catering for events and operating a food truck opposite Gugulethu Square, and really got to appreciate the expanding palate of their customers.

After spending some time looking for a permanent spot to trade, they found a home at H&M, a well-known hangout in Gugulethu, opposite Gqudu tshisanyama.

Within a short period, the two have given Orgasmic Gawulo some fame among its clientele and they have positioned themselves as a “five star dining place in the townships”.

“The idea behind the restaurant is to cater to the culinary needs and wants of the locals. We have a menu full of healthy meals. If you are looking for a little something different when it comes to ikasi foods, then we offer it to you,” said Itumeleng who is the master chef.

They have an all-day breakfast; an expansive lunch menu, and cater to groups.

Tshisanyama, amagwinya , fish and chips are favourite go-to convenience meals in Gugulethu.

“Our customers speak food now. They see dishes in magazines or on TV and ask us to make it for them,” said Itumeleng.

While Itumeleng is busy with pots, Thulani runs the place, making sure that no customer goes home dissatisfied.

“Customers are kings and queens and we must keep them happy. Food is a delicate matter and we try to minimise losses by delivering quality as demanded,” said Thulani.

As Thulani speaks to the tourists, we see a tear or two running down his cheek. He cannot speak for a moment.

He gets a glass of water. He recovers and speaks about the hardships he faced when growing up.

Much to the applause of the tourists, Thulani, is now energised and talks of “uplifting others”.

“The biggest challenge we face is poverty and we have to challenge this through entrepreneurial programmes,” he said.

As part of their community building, Orgasmic Gawulo, supports a local soup kitchen every Wednesday and also gives food to local neighbourhood watch group.

“We cook them food as a way of showing our appreciation for the work they do,” said Thulani.