Deputy minister urges public to pray for government

Seniors packed the KTC hall where they were treated to gifts and other goods.

The Deputy Minister of Communications, Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams, has appealed for prayers for the government and respect for senior citizens of the country.

She also made a call for prayers to address not only the scourge of violence, but also for elected officials to come back to the masses and report back.

Ms Ndabeni-Abrahams was speaking at an outreach programme, which served to commemorate former State President Nelson Mandela, and at which meals were served to elderly citizens and they were pampered and given blankets.

The theme of the event, which took place at KTC hall on Wednesday July 13, was “a healthy life is a long and prosperous life.”

The minister appealed to seniors to have patience with the government with regard to service delivery, but assured them that things were looking good.

“We came here because we cannot forget where we come from.

“This is in the spirit of Madiba.

“ We are fulfilling the 1994 dream.

“We will not rest to service our people when our children are still out of school, when old people are raped, when people are still without proper houses,” she said.

Ms Ndabeni-Abrahams raised concerns about the growing scourge of elderly abuse.

She called on them to educate young people about their political background.

She said she was grateful for the support the seniors had been giving the government. “For as long as we live, we will fulfil Madiba’s dream.

“Seniors must teach us young people how to plough.

“We are not a lazy nation. And they must please pray for us.

“The rapes and killings should end.”

More than 100 senior citizens from KTC and surrounding areas were treated to a meal and received blankets. Some elderly people had a chance to apply for their grant. Ms Ndabeni Abrahams was applauded by all including Ward 39 councillor Khaya Yozi who said he was excited to see the deputy minister doing something for the elders. He also thanked the seniors for their continued trust in the government. Nyanga senior Zolile Meneza said he wished they were treated so well everyday “I wish they are not doing this for some hidden agendas but truly treating us. May it continue to happen even in other areas. This is one treat that will stay in my mind,” he said.